28 thg 2, 2011

My village - Nai Cuu

I was born and grown up in the central of Vietnam where suffered losses in war and affected by severe weather conditions. Quang tri was a historical land where there remained  lots of relics in the war such Vinh moc tunnel,  Ben hai river and Hien luong bridge, Bo de school, Thach han river,  etc. Quang Tri was known as the place embracing 2 national ceremonies, 2 towns and 2 historical rivers". This land reminded us of unforgettable historical event in summer 1972 "Quang tri thanh co fight 81 days and nights".
 Unlike other places, it was said that Quang tri was province where suffered most heavily losses in the war. Besides, people called Quang tri with other name "land of the western winds and white sands". The weather seems to be severe all years, in summer it was burning while in winter it was chilly to the bones. My village was a poor countryside in Trieu phong distrist, Quang tri province, bordered Thach han River, Trieu Thanh commune and Bich la village. My village was not as rich as other village; however, this was "studious land". I felt proud when was born in this countryside because I inherited   many precious values as hard working, and fondness of learning. In village, most children were allowed to go school and college.  My village's pupils were always industrious, enthusiastic and ambitious with a belief "studies for sake of bright future". When starting go to school, they determined that "study was the only way to get rich, help family and country".  By learning, they believed that they would contribute partly to building country and help families and neighbors. Indeed, the rate of pupils who have won high prizes in the term of districts, provinces and university yearly were in high level. Especially, for the university exams, many pupils got high marks which ranking the first in the Trieu dong commune. Add to this,   grandparents, parents, and relatives encouraged the study spirit in the children. In spite of shortages and difficulties, parents were ready to loan to send their children and college. They hoped that with the development of education, science and technology, their children would find a betterlife.  
My villagers had to work hard, however, could hardly afford for their daily life. Their lives were very simple and needs of everything; the life of villagers was closely linked with agriculture, they mainly grew rice and vegetable but the productivity was not high. Each of family, only 1 to 2 person was at the labor age, they must feed 3 to 5 dependents.  Therefore, the life remained many difficulties and unlike as other places, a day of working here started in the early morning. They got up about 4:30 a:m to go to fields, some go to market to sell vegetable, and others come to towns to get a job like carpenters, masons, and welders and so on. A large of youth must leave the country, mainly go to the southern Viet Nam to earn living, partly afford for their daily life and get money to help their families. 

The village reminded me of childhood's memories. When the night came, we together played" hide and seek" under the moonlight on harvest days. It was often after having dinner, we gathered in someone's house to listen to the stories about war and legend of ancestor narrated by grandparents. Then, I recalled going on the familiar roads on the way to school and playing folk games like "hopscotch, skipping, hopping". When thinking of the past, however, I felt a little sad. Time went by and life had many changes. Almost my friends must go far because of studying and earning living, I have rarely met them except for Tet‘s holidays.. I wish that I could come back to relive in the childhood's memories in my village.
In the future, although I can live far, far away from the rice fields, bamboos hedges and meek villagers, those images and memories will forever be in my heart. Perhaps, life will teach me in a different way to understand, remember and love country more. At present, I am living in the rest days of college life.  It is hoped that I will get a good job, earn a lot of money to contribute to building country, helpfamilyandvillagers. 
Hoang Linh

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